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QLD's Premier Ride for Transplant Research

Sunday 11 March 2018

Sunday 11 March 2018

Your Impact

With 100% of the funds raised in Cycle of Giving going straight towards the organ transplant research and technology at The Prince Charles Hospital, every single rider and every single donor has the power to make a huge impact on lives of worthy Queenslanders.

In 2017 alone, the money raised in Cycle of Giving fuelled 4,000 hours of critical organ transplant research. This allowed our hospital to commit to some of the most exciting research being done in Australia, including:

  • Advancements in heart pump technology to better support those with heart failure;
  • Improving the quality of lungs for transplant;
  • Investing in the Southern Hemisphere's largest clinical trial of stem cell therapy post lung transplant
  • And beginning to uncover why lungs begin to breakdown after transplant.

But with 1,500 Australians still on the waiting list for a new organ or tissue donation at any one time, we still have a long way to go. This is why your participation, fundraising and donations for Cycle of Giving mean the world—not just to us, but to people like Kate, Mul and Tony.

Kate Phillips is a longstanding ambassador for the Cycle of Giving. Following her double lung and heart transplant in 2013, she began training and has been able to participate in the Cycle of Giving since 2014. Kate will be back again this year, sporting the lyrca and riding with her fellow transplant recipients. And perhaps even more impressively, she now participates in triathlons across Australia and recently won 11 medals in the 2016 Australian Transplant Games. Go Kate!


Mul Afa was an active father of six when he started to feel breathless in his day-to-day activities. A few years later he was diagnosed with COPD, and it wasn’t much later before he was put on the waiting list for a lung transplant.


Tony Stephens was on a holiday in Fiji when he started to feel ill. Thinking it was just a cold, he initially shook it off, but ended up being rushed back to Australia for a heart transplant. Now, he’s had a second chance at life and has another daughter and son to enjoy it with.


The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation

The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation (TPCHF) was formed in 1986 with the primary goal of funding critical research at The Prince Charles Hospital. Today TPCHF has become a major research funding body focusing on the areas of heart, lung, dementia, arthritis among others. We’re proud to support The Prince Charles Hospital which is one of the world’s leading heart and lung hospitals.


The Common Good

An initiative of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, The Common Good is a team of businesses and individuals who are joining forces with researches to tackle disease that face us all. By directly supporting researchers, we can channel our resources into the medical conditions we care about. The Common Good is here to prove that everyday people can make things happen.