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QLD's Premier Ride for Transplant Research

Sunday 11 March 2018

Sunday 11 March 2018

Fundraising Incentives!

Here at the Cycle of Giving we want you to achieve your fundraising goals!

If you're looking for some motivation to start fundraising or need a little extra help, our fundraising incentives will give you that! The more you fundraise, the more you receive (i.e. If you raise over $1,000 you will receive all three products!). There is also a special VIP experience for the Highest Fundraising Team.

So what are you waiting for? Send an email around to your friends and family and ask for support today! Don't forget to check out our Fundraising Tips.


Raise $300   Raise $500   Raise $1,000
Get: Cycle of Giving Waterbottle   Get: Pocket First Aid Kit   Get: Bluetooth Speaker


Raise $2,000   Raise $5,000
Get: Fit Bit   Get: 2 Night Escape


Highest Fundraising Team VIP Experience

Limited to 10 people

Imagine rolling in to the Cycle of Giving with nine of your closest team mates to experience one of a kind VIP treatment. Sounds good, right?! There is one VIP team experience up for grabs for the highest fundraising team (as of Monday 5 March 2018). So what are you waiting for? This could be yours!

The VIP Team Experience includes:

  • Priority check in at the start line (includes Cycle Ready Kit with hydration and fruit and Chamois Butt'r)
  • Priority baggage check in at the baggage tent
  • Guaranteed bike parking at the VIP zone
  • Entry to the VIP Oasis Zone (a private area with comfortable chairs for you and your team to relax)
  • Discounted registration for Cycle of Giving 2019


What does your fundraising do?

$300-$600   Buys materials and covers costs to manufacture prototypes for new ventricular assist devices (which help to keep heart failure patients alive while waiting for a transplant).
$400   Buys an antibody that is essential to identify cell types and to understand their functional role. This is important in better understanding cells to help reduce transplant rejection rates.
$800   Buys a DNA or RNA extraction kit to look at DNA and gene expression, so we can better understand what happens to organs when they’re donated.
$1,000   Buys an armband to assess physical activity of a patient before and after transplant.
$1,500   Buys an orbital shaker (or other similar equipment) that are essential items in biological research laboratories.
$5,000   Buys a liquid nitrogen storage tank to store valuable biological samples in, used for testing new transplant technologies.
$10,000   Funds a new investigator grant – brilliant young researcher career starter.
$25,000   Funds an emerging researcher for a year or PHD scholarship – helping keep the best and brightest looking into some the world’s worst illnesses and diseases.